The story behind

We are Anna and Maurice from Cologne, Germany.
Besides our Start-up, Maurice works as a software developer for the third largest publishing house in Germany and Anna at a large local IT service provider as an account manager for educational sector clients. We love technology and we are very passionate about it! Anna Maurice

Everyone knows the problem...

...someone invites you to a wedding, a birthday party or some other happy often does it happen to you that you are not sure what to bring as a gift, you end up buying something at the last minute and you are not sure if you bought the right thing? As an individual your budget is limited. What ends up happening is that many people in this exact same situation end up giving lots of tiny little gifts, most of which were bought in a hurry, are not particularly special and simply bought out of necessity.
For both the givers and the recipients, this leads to an unsatisfying occasion. This does not feel right.

...and the solution is!

Wouldn't it be great if many people got together to give one GREAT gift?
Amongst all the guests at a party, there is always someone that knows the host well and has a shrewd idea about what would make the perfect gift. Why shouldn’t all the "giftgivers" benefit from this knowledge and be a part of that gift? The advantage is obvious, no more bad gifts. Ever. Bigger, better gifts instead of so many small, disappointing ones.

The story behind arose from owr own bitter experiences.
Both Maurice and I have a big circle of friends. Anna lived in Italy for a while and Maurice in Luxembourg, so our circle of friends is quite big and not limited to one place. Organizing joint gifts is a big logistical challenge. First, you have to call or write to everyone who might want to partake and hope to be able to reach them all. Or if you yourself want to be a part of a gift, you then have to find someone willing to organize it all.
Surely there has to be a solution? For wish lists there are as many platforms as fish in the sea, but there wasn't a really good, streamlined and efficient solution for the whole planning and organization process to make a joint gift yet. Until now! is, despite all of its awesome features and great variety of options, very easy to use. Users don't have to go through a long and difficult registration process, but rather simply sign up on and start using it immediately. is free of charge and will be actively shaped by our users. So let us know Feedback what we could do better and what new features you would like to see. We very much look forward to your feedback!!! Story

Support is a young company. We invest every minute of our free time, our money and all of our passion into that project. We want to build the simplest and best platform for the planning of joint gifts. Our mission and dream is to create a tool connecting families and friends throughout the world.

If you want to support us with feedback via email or by buying a product via one of our affiliate links or by making a donating directly you become part of the family. YOU are helping to make the world a better place.
Thank you so much!

Hint: If you buy on Amazon through, you can support us with absolutely no additional cost for you.

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